Gather ’round, children. It’s time to dive into Tumblr again. That great, wide, strange and beautiful place filled with strange and beautiful people making astute observations, stupid jokes, and twelve metric tons of fandom content per hour.

There are countless wonderful Tumblr moments. But since we’re not sure how to count to countless, we’ll stick with just these 12 for now.

12. Keeping score

Things aren’t looking great for you, bruh.

11. The scariest thing of all

Psh, OK, let’s reign it in a little, dude.

10. They tried to make me go to rehab

And I just said my own name over and over.

9. Classy glassy

Gotta wine and dine myself.

8. Mind burn

Take that, superpowers.

7. He’s making a list

I’d like to just opt out of Santa’s surveillance program altogether, thank you.

6. Oh deer

I’m mostly just gonna hang around, probably.

5. Justice is served

Anything is better than living with this…

4. Dude, sick

Maybe not…the best time…for this kind of joke.

3. A page of history

I used to have the biggest crush on Ellen Page and this just makes me love her more.

2. Gotta grab ’em all

Ash, I had no idea you were such a badass.

1. Living on the edge

Cats are mysterious and powerful and frankly beyond our human understanding.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch Ghost Cat/The Cat That Came Back because my curiosity has been piqued far beyond what I can bear.

Who are you favorite people to follow on Tumblr?

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