Anybody who has had a kid knows that they’re fascinating. Watching a little kid try and figure something out and then actually getting it? Yeah, that’s a wow moment.

Sure, they can drive you crazy sometimes. But other times, they pull a really genius move and make up for all of that nonsense.

Here are 12 tweets that show kids being full-on awesome:

1. That puppy is so focused

2. Seriously outsmarted

3. He’s not wrong

4. Good question

5. Seriously, don’t call

6. I vote genius

7. This girl means business

8. Same

9. I also admire this girl

10. No shame

11. So sneaky

12. Nailed it

13. Nothing to see here

Okay, they’re literally the best thing to happen to us, right? Yes, dogs are great too. And cats. But kids are better. Because they can make money and support us when we’re old.

Let us know your faves tweets from this list in the comments! Because we love you and we want you to be happy!