Parents of the world, we all know how tough you have it raising those little monsters/angels you decided to bring into the world. And sometimes you just need to laugh.

So that’s why we’re here! To bring you a collection of hilarious tweets that wouldn’t be possible without your constant, relentless suffering. Is you have a thankless job, and we all should bow down before you and give you the respect you deserve.

To the tweeple!

1. Your baby ain’t perfect Cheryl!

2. Down for the usual 20 loads…

3. Nightmare fuel

4. The games we play…

5. Oh sh^t… where could it be… ?

6. Please don’t make me harm this child…

7. So relatable

8. I’ll free something up for you, kid

9. Kids. They’re so thankful.

10. Caffeine to the rescue!

11. This used to be outside before people thought their kids were constantly going to get kidnapped…

12. Okay, no more TV for life. Sorry.

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Thanks! You rock!