Guess what time it is! It’s look-at-all-these-funny-tweets-by-some-of-the-most-hilarious-women-on-twitter time!

You probably won’t find that particular time marked off on a clock face or a calendar or whatever, but that doesn’t make it any less important to the continued functioning of our society.

So join with us in enjoying these tweets. Because it’s time.

12. The Fonz

Not my baby, not my problem.

11. Into the void

Did it work? Did that fix all of the everything?

10. You wouldn’t get it

It’s from this super obscure thing called Anchorman.

9. Armed and dangerous

You came to the wrong coop, motherclucker.

8. Genre play

Something evil’s lurking in the dark…

7. Can’t argue with the digits

I’ve been running the numbers and they just don’t add up.

6. Take-backs

But I mean, it’s like, who even cares. Certainly not me.

5. A big to-do

I literally kick that work into next week.

4. Worth the weight

I too experience rapid changes that amount to no change.

3. Deal of a lifetime

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Google, but OK.

2. Risk and reward

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.

1. Come on and ZOOM!

Weird start to a resume but I support and appreciate your honesty.

My, would you look at the time. The time to read all those tweets is now over. Now comes the time to go find different tweets to read because work is boring and the rest of the world is frightening.

Who are your favorite women on Twitter right now?

Tell us in the comments.