I am extremely in my 30’s, and I don’t mind telling you about it. Today I got up slightly too fast and the entire room started spinning so ferociously that I thought “better go lay down or they’ll find me dead in this kitchen.”

Why? No reason. Because 30’s, that’s why. Hope you made the most out of your cool human body because it is officially on the decline now and also you’re gonna get really passionate about home and gardening shows for some reason.

But it’s not all bad news, at least there are a bunch of funny tweets about getting older.

12. The golden age

And then there’s that jerk Tom Brady still winning Super Bowls in his 40’s because he sold his soul to Satan.

11. Party’s over

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

10. The checklist

Yep, that’s me all the way down.

9. Checks and balances

Be sure to panic a lot and then buy things to make yourself feel better.

8. Four wheel driven

Time to go check my credit score again.

7. The one

This makes sense and I hate that it makes sense.

6. Egg-citement!

There’s no accounting for it, it’s just something that’s gonna happen.

5. Mixed messages

I’ve also found that I’m trying very hard to like new music so I’m not the old guy in the room but it is impossible.

4. Holy sheet

You will look forward to it all week.

3. Have a seat

Wait, did some of you NOT have to do this before?

2. Rank and file

You better shape up if you wanna hit that top eight.

1. Gloss over it


Bring on the rest of my life, I’m ready for it!

What’s the strangest thing about being your age?

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