It’s a little weird that we make fun of each other for getting old.

Like. In what way is that a mockable trait?

We’re aware that we ALL live in the time dimension, right? And that the only meaningful way in which we CAN’T get old is if we die super quick. Are we making fun of each other for not dying? ‘Cause that’s some hardcore nonsense right there.

Anyway, if you’d rather just kinda enjoy the weird process of aging, look at these here tweets.

12. Back in the saddle again

I’m still eating that junk food though.

11. Sir, THIS is a Wendy’s

It’s like we were lizards for the onlookers of the interstate.

10. On thin ice

Everything was about to go terribly wrong.

9. Card, please

It’s an embarrassing charade for me to show my ID now. Come on man, we both know I’m not a kid anymore.

8. Retro future

Oh man, you’re not gonna believe this old shirt I found for sale in my closet.

7. Welcome to 40

Didn’t somebody make a whole movie about that?

6. Run run run

Um, that was never me at ANY point in my life though.

5. Craft time

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.
And we allll had ’em.

4. Gas me up

While we’re on the subject, whoever came up with the term “gastropub” and thought it was hip needs to never name anything ever again.

3. Kids these days

And then you realize the pop stars you idolized as a kid were basically just children themselves.

2. Back to the past


1. Lights, camera…

Aaaaand dad hit stop when he thought he was hitting record again.

Here’s to getting old – it’s literally inevitable.

What have you been feeling nostalgic about recently?

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