If you’re very susceptible to cringe, you might want to walk away now. We won’t judge you. It’s like taking that chicken exit when you’re in line for a roller coaster but then you realize as you get closer that no, you’re definitely gonna barf if you get on this thing, so it’s better to accept the lesser indignity of an early departure.

Because today we’re looking at a lot of fail, via Twitter. A lot of struggle. An oof-inducing amount.

You’ve been warned. Let’s proceed.

This DM master

Few hold this kind of sway, and fewer would speak of it.

This unfortunate reaction

The reveal repeal is real real real.


This corporate misstep

Silence, brand.

These emaciated wings

Friend, you did not go in. You barely rang the doorbell. What’s wrong with you.

This less-than-clear-thinking financial decision

I don’t even understand how you did that but ok.

This amateur hour pizza

How high do you have to be to put that thing in a box like “we’re done here.”

This very slow progress

You’ll start eventually, friend.


This clean sweep

So much of this is trash
You don’t even have to organize it
Just throw it in a bag


This overachieving employee

We appreciate the commitment but why are you crying?

I feel you bruh.

We all do.

Photo Credit: Twttier

That’s a level of fail we can all appreciate being let in on, no matter how painful it might be to see.

What’s a way in which you’ve failed recently?

Tell us in the comments.

Thanks so much, fam!