Ask anyone what they think of Twitter and I promise they’ll definitely tell you that it’s a place for deep reflection and nuanced truth.

It’s a place where we go to learn about ourselves in ways that are patient, unflinching, and sometimes kind of hard to face.

Here are fifteen truths we can glean from tweets. May we all be better for them.

15. Dogs don’t know how hot we are

It’s uncomfortable, but it’s true.

14. Technology is actively trying to ruin us

It will make the uprising all the easier.

13. Endorphins are a scam

Anybody would be happy to stop being in pain.

12. Nuance is helpful

We’re totally gonna get it right this time.

11. There is no pizza at the back of that book

And everything else you’ve ever been promised is also a lie.

10. You are not a bird

You’re just a human. A very tired human.

9. Tampons are our most steadfast companions

Search your heart, you know it to be the case.

8. Working out helps

I feel like I need to douse myself with holy water after that.

7. The universe is mocking us

When it comes to plane travel, doubly so.

6. Therapist energy is getting weird

We gotta stop being like this.

5. We already know pain

And risk beyond your wildest dreams.

4. The housing shortage is real

Oh no please don’t leave stop wait also what’s the square footage?

3. Your uncle doesn’t know s**t about biology

He’s just been conditioned to be scared of new stuff.

2. There’s only one reason to clean

And most of us haven’t had it in a while.

1. Dogs are always in wait

Even when invisible, they are there.

Deep truths indeed. May they grant us wisdom.

What’s the deepest truth you’ve learned lately?

Tell us in the comments.