Comebacks, clapbacks, burns, whatever you wanna call ’em, Twitter is absolutely full of ’em.

And they’re a dang delight.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a small selection of such delicacies.

15. Shoot your shot

Imagine telling someone not to take their medicine.

14. tHe eLiTe

“Elitist” is a term used by one camp of rich people to attack another camp of rich people and hope you won’t notice.

13. The 100

Well now I feel like I should maybe check this show out.

12. Mask up

Insane how everybody became an expert in the field of face cloth overnight out of nowhere.

11. Very special research

The tweet to which this was a reply has been deleted now but you can imagine what it said.

10. Opening up

You know what she meant, but this is the correct response regardless.

9. Don’t stop me now

I say this as a white people, but wtf white people.

8. Solar power

You know how winter doesn’t mean that photons go away?
I’m genuinely asking, Jim. DID you know that?

7. All hail

The number of takes like this that I’ve seen are just stunning.

6. Loud and clear

“Seriously, get the shot, don’t be dumb.” – God, probably

5. Either/or

Just say what’s in your heart and stop dancing around it.

4. Show some respect

There’s just no need for rudeness.

3. To put it charitably

This happened and yet somehow we never talk about it.

2. Visions of the future

Investing in an atmosphere of pure resentment is a surefire plan.

1. “Room temperature IQ”

Hey, it’s true.

Well, that is some hot fire. I need to go cool down.

What’s the best comeback you’ve seen recently?

Tell us in the comments.