Are you out of ideas? Feeling a little creatively drained?

I know the feeling.

And sometimes, when I need a new idea to get me going, I look to the internet. Specifically, I look to Twitter, and see what inspiration I can glean from there.

Here are a few new ideas via Twitter to help you along your path today.

11. Useless boycotting

“You can’t fire me, I don’t work here.”

10. The banishment of hunger

I don’t know how I didn’t see this coming, but I never do.

9. Nuances and caveats

The missing ingredients for getting Americans to work toward a greater good was adding lots of detail.

8. A kitchen force field pill

I don’t know how to make this work but I need someone to do so stat.

7. Internet specialization

There really is a place for everyone here.

6. Male therapists

Did you know that they exist?

5. Accidental pride flags

(Shh! Quiet, nobody tell them.)

4. Simpler job applications

I mean, how are they supposed to know my job history when all they have to go off of is the resume and the cover letter that both literally contain it?

3. Cancelling stuff

It’s the kind of cancel culture we can all get behind.

2. Requested absence

Well yanno, people forget this stuff.

1. Touch-shopping

It’s a great way to spread germs for fun.

So many new ideas! So much inspiration! Thank you, internet!

Who are your favorite women to follow on Twitter?

Tell us in the comments – let us know where the funny comes from!