I just did a quick news search for TikTok and it’s entire banishment/sell-off debacle and there are so many conflicting headlines that at the time of writing I honestly don’t even know how to summarize where things sit.

Also, I’m a millennial who doesn’t particularly care what happens to this weird app, so there’s no way I’m sorting my way through nine long-form pieces of journalism to ascertain the most probable future of the Benadryl challenge or whatever. I’d much rather just laugh at some jokes about it.

In that spirit, here are twelve tweets from people who, like me, are just kind over it.

12. Catch-22

Is there even a place in this weary world for a soul such as I?

11. Here we go again

RIP everything.


10. Empty threats

We’re running out of weapons here.

9. Taking things for granite

My thought is almost always “Dang how rich are these kids’ parents?”

8. Gather ’round

You see, back in my day of a few years ago…

7. Let it burn

Seeing things like this…it changes a person.

6. Strong words

If Gen Z kids had any earthly idea who Zack Morris was they’d probably be very offended.

5. Caught on tape

The difference is there’s no permanent, globally public record of it.

4. Sneaking suspicion

Just you wait for what’s coming next.

3. Here’s a nice piece of s**t

Speaking of references Gen Z will definitely not understand…

2. Unfiltered opinions

How the time ticks by…

1. Reverse psychology

What they don’t know can’t hurt you.

What’s gonna happen next? Who knows. TikTok could be a bank by the time this gets published. I think the important thing to remember is that, no matter what, the internet will always have a place for jokes.

Do you have strong opinions on all this?

Share them with us in the comments.