Tweets can be neat. The kind of neat that makes you stop and take notice. And then take the tweet, and spread it around. Because you need to spread the neat joy, at any cost.

The tweets that stay with you after a long hard day of looking at internet stuff – those are the ones worth savoring. The ones worth thinking about. The ones worth a moment of appreciation.

Such are the tweets in this list. Come. Let our tweet experience begin.

12. Spill that tea

We’re just causing trouble from overseas all the time for those folks.

11. The coupled life

The way we do it is badly. Everybody resents it on some level, that’s just life.

10. I’m yours

It’s like being served a legal document, once you’ve touched it you’re officially responsible.

9. Blowing over

We were so young. So naive. So very stupid.

8. Ball is life

This is only because the guys who would say “this song was on Pro Skater” are now too old to be going to house parties.

7. The long distance friendship

We live in the same state and could totally meet up, we just don’t.

6. Try, try again

Once again, Taco Bell comes through as my one true source of happiness and inspiration.

5. Watching like a hawk

I simply will not contribute to this cultural disrespect.

4. Not my vibe

I think a little more money might just fix that up, though.

3. It looks like…

This smug idiot was always just slowing everything down.

2. The simulation machine

It’s just what our brains are designed to do, and they’re not gonna be stopped by reason.

1. Real struggles

At least in a divorce you have some sense of who the heck you are.

Another fine serving of Tweets. Come back soon for more, won’t you?

Who are your favorite Twitter people?

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