Do you ever feel like life is just one big contest to see who can endure the most anxiety, and that we’re all losing? Guess that’s why it’s important to have good coping strategies when those ugly feelings rear their hideous heads.

Coping strategies such as tweeting our insecurities for the world to see and feeling a sense of validation when they get liked!

Here are 14 such tweets to help us all feel a little better about feeling bad.

13. Dreams to dust

I barely tried and that’s all that matters.

12. Back to basics

I, too, need to repeat a mantra before inconveniencing anyone even a little.

11. Sometimes it be

Tautologies are the highest truths of all.

10. Weekend warrior

There’s a very long road ahead, kid.

9. Pack it in

Leaving home for three days, better bring everything I’ve ever owned.

8. Big problems

They’re just constantly rushing through my head.

7. E-fail

So help me, if those I know have attempted to reach me about things…

6. Caffeinated lies

When your soul starts to shake that’s how you know it’s working.

5. Read dead redemption

Do you know who I am?

4. Clocking in

Time to seek knowledge I will never use instead of resting the organ that allows me to know things!

3. Mystery symptoms

What to do? We can’t know. There’s just no way to know.

2. Daily struggles

What do I gotta, type? With my fingers?

1. Privacy, please

“You’re never gonna believe this…it turns out I’m white.”

There’s plenty of things in this world to be anxious about, but there’s lots to take joy in as well. Like these funny twitter people, for instance!

How do you get through the anxious times?

Share your strategies in the comments.