Whether or not you believe the old days were good or terrible, there’s really no arguing that kids today are growing up in an entirely different world – one that didn’t even exist 30 years ago.

And if you’re wondering whether it’s making them grow up too fast, well… these 12 tweets certainly seem to point to yes!

12. Don’t try to pull the wool over that one’s eyes.

11. This attitude will take her far in life.

10. Dream life, honestly.

9. This is kind of depressing.


8. He’s probably not going to be a motivational speaker – but he might write greeting cards.

7. As good an answer as any.

6. My 2yo takes “notes.”

5. A healthy sense of reality.

4. I mean there’s nothing wrong with self-sufficiency.

3. Pretty sick burn for a kid who doesn’t bring home a paycheck.

2. To be fair the whole birth process is some BS on both ends.


1. I bet Alexa told him that.


The proof is in the social media posts!