Listen, I know the reason our significant other is our significant other, and the reason we share the same spaces in the first place, is because we love them.

But people were not meant to be shoved into small(ish) spaces together for days on end with no break, and as couples are now spending copious amounts of time together, well…things are happening.

And while I’m sure some of those things aren’t exactly pleasant, these 12 tweets are definitely funny.

12. I’d say you’re only about halfway through your punishment.

If you count silence as a punishment which I definitely would not.

11. Productivity is a sliding scale.

Proof we all react to stress in different ways.

10. Some beans are just beans, and some are special.

I’m just loopy enough to find deeper meaning in that statement.

9. There’s got to be SOMETHING we haven’t discussed.

Also, John Mulaney is hilarious.

8. That’s not a surprise, but whatever.

It’s better than saying “I don’t care” and then turning up your nose.

7. I wonder what his hair looks like now yeesh.

Also, this meme just made me giggle.

6. The couple that plays together stays together.

Maybe even after you don’t have to anymore.

5. When you make yourself cringe.

But still, you just can’t stop.

4. That’s nicer than screaming “put on your f*cking headphones!” the way I do.

More effective? Maybe, maybe not.

3. As long as he got some alcohol, too, I wouldn’t complain.

Although some bacon would be nice.

2. Life is give and take my friend.

So take the remote and put on Little Women post haste.

1. Variety is the spice of life.

So is having someone to complain to who isn’t the person you’re complaining about.

I’ve gotta say, I feel these people’s pain!

How are you coping? What’s the funniest thing you’ve learned about your partner since moving in together? Share it with us in the comments!