Twitter is many things, and – love it or hate it – one of them is funny.

And fam… real talk… it takes more work than you’d think to craft the perfect 280 character joke. But we think these 12 people have absolutely nailed it.

12. I’m embarrassed how many times I’ve read this.

11. Looking for feedback kthanks.

10. It’s you, not me.

9. IDK I’m a mom and not that pretty.

8. When life comes full circle.

7. I feel like that’s totally reasonable.

6. Definitely a candidate for best thrift store find.

5. You’re not OG you can’t do that.

4. Nobody ever thinks to ask.

3. Every year when it’s time to send Christmas cards.

2. So say we all.

1. Where is that written, though?

I definitely needed a good laugh, how about you?

What’s your favorite short-form funny? Drop it in the comments!