We could all use a smile and a laugh now and then, but sometimes they can be hard to come by! If you’re having one of those days and there’s not a giggle in sight, well, look no further.

We’ve got 15 memes ready and waiting to make your day.

So let’s get to it!

15. Just a flat-out reason to smile.

14. It’s just simple math.

13. I mean to be fair everyone knows kids are liars.

12. Someone is 100% going to snatch that up.

11. Just save us both some time and trouble.

10. I mean did you get consent from your cat to post?

9. You’re telling me with all the technology we have now we can’t figure that out?

8. Yes where do they COME from?

7. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more accurate.

6. You’ll certainly never be wrong.

5. Hey not everyone can be at the top of their class.

4. That invisibility cloak just isn’t quite big enough bro.

3. It only gets better (and by that I mean worse. It gets worse).

2. Sorry, sweetie, those are just the rules.

1. It’s a question for the ages, for sure (yes).

I’m ready to tackle another ten emails now, at least – maybe even a meeting!

How do you brighten those long dreary days? We’d love to hear your tricks!

Let us know in the comments!