Hey, weirdos. Put down your nacho hat or whatever it is you normally spend your time doing and check out these memes we selected just for you.

Maybe print one of them out and turn it into a flag you can fly outside your house to proclaim your weirdness, we don’t mind.

It’s just a lucky-number-12 weird memes for weirdos.

12. The why of fry

This image rests directly on the boundary between cursed and blessed.

11. Giddyup

You’ll have so much energy the bull rides you.

10. Eye contact

Has science gone too far?

9. Horray for sad

In the dystopian illusion of Animal Crossing, even your pain is a smile.

8. Catling gun

He’d shoot you if he could and you both know it.

7. Minion mayhem

Why does this exist oh my god I can’t breathe.

6. Sweet and sour

When life gives you lemons, use them to time travel.

5. Gaps in our knowledge

Hey, maybe it’s both.

4. Low volume

My mind is an endless database.

3. Chester’s revenge

If it were the hot and spicy kind I’d take my chances.

2. Dreamed hams

“So, do you like aura borealis?”

1. Washed up

This actually works if the boss is 2020.

According to our calculations, you’re all weird enough that you enjoyed that a lot. And we hope you never change.

What kind of memes are your favorite?

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