Twitter is a medium where people who excel at telling tight, pithy jokes can really shine – and these 12 women are knocking it out of the park.

If you love a good one-liner and are looking for a giggle, well, look no further than this little list!

13. More proof that Golden Girls is for everyone.

12. A good kind of fantasy.

11. Just say no to all types of clowns.

10. Eh, same difference I think.

9. They’re living their best life out there alone.

8. They’re just flat-out screwing with us now.

7. Ouch. Airlines are so judgy these days.

6. Here, have some quinoa for your efforts.

5. That’s how they know you’re going to make it.

4. This should definitely be a category if it isn’t.

3. A tale as old as timmmme.

2. And it took me the rest of the day to feel okay about my own efforts again.

1. I feel personally attacked by this content.

I don’t know about you, but I’m following some new accounts!

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