Hello! Welcome to the tweet roundup!

Today we’ve got 12 whole hilarious women that decided to give us such gifts! The riches abound! It’s almost embarrassing.

So then, should we get to it? Is it time?

Yes… yes it is.

1. Haha… oh boy…

2. I’ve literally been doing this the past month!

3. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a REAL thing!

4. Haha… omfg

5. Welcome to life!


6. Mom… what did you order THIS time?!

7. Those old Disney live-action movies are kind of nuts

8. I’ve had at least 9

9. That smile tho!

10. Oh snap…


11. Pete Davidson is Andie MacDowell daughter!?!

12. Tongiiiiiiiiight… we are young!

And so, another post has come to a close. We’re sure you could find something else to amuse you around here. After all, we’ve literally got THOUSANDS of posts to take a look at.

And if you’re reading this in bed… we hope you have the blue filter on. If not, do it!

You’re welcome.