Cakes are supposed to be innocent harbingers of sugar and candles and fun, but sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Either that, or someone upstairs has a hilarious sense of humor.

Just take a look at these 12 cakes and see if you don’t agree.

13. They tried to fix it with the blue outline but nope.

We asked them to draw a fish on my grandfather’s cookie cake…
byu/yeahd00d89 incakefails

12. I mean, they got the point across, no?

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11. I’m sure it was still delicious.

10. Yeah, no, the sprinkles didn’t really help.

9. It makes it better that CURT is only 8.

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8. I don’t even want to know what’s going on here.

So went to kids birthday party today and this was the cake. There is something not quite right about this cake.

7. OMG stop it.

“Here’s the image for the cake”
byu/jkaos92 infunny

6. I’m going to need some more details. Like all of them.

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5. I can’t decide if this is brilliant or awful.

4. Ms. Potts is judging you HARD.

3. Has this cake been…used?

I accidentally made a butthole cake.
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2. Taking a Tumblr post to a whole new level.

1. This is actually pretty impressive.

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These are killing me. If I’d gotten one of these, I don’t even think I would have been mad.

Has something like this happened to you? Did you have an accidentally hilarious cake?

Share a picture with us in the comments!