There’s no better feeling than coming up with the perfect insult at the perfect moment – honestly, whether or not the person really deserves it.

When they do deserve it, the whole world rejoices and laughs together and there is light and happiness for all – and these insults are objectively hilarious.

13. When you thought this was going one way…

But it went somewhere way better. So much better.

Mirror Faced Man from rareinsults

12. That does make it easy to get right.

Easy target, but still… well earned.

Kylie got triggered from rareinsults

11. It seems like a random collection of words.

And yet it’s so spot on.

Got him right in the privilege. from rareinsults

10. Dunked on the whole state of Florida.

Which, you know. But still funny.

I bet this hurts for the amoeba from rareinsults

9. Oh man.

Why am I still chuckling? And why are there so many damn faces on him?!?!

Stumbled upon this gem. It checks out. from rareinsults

8. Those men are a gift to society.

I want to meet them myself. In person. Not on Zoom.

consider yourself ROASTED from rareinsults

7. You can’t take it back now.

Too late. Everybody knows you’re a moron.

Wear a mask, eat pussy from rareinsults

6. Now that you’ve seen that description, no other will do.

Go ahead and try to think of one.

Very rare indeed. from rareinsults

5. Where do people come up with this stuff?

I am absolutely dying.

Insults in the Air Tonight… from rareinsults

4. Neither of them make you smile.

Okay, maybe chocolate milk makes you smile.

Reincarnated Plastic Rises! from rareinsults

3. Normally I don’t condone name-calling.

But the lack of morality is hard to defend.

2. That last line, though.

Where’s the lie?

Greatest Italian Hero from rareinsults

1. This checks out.

No, we don’t need confirmation.

WI vs. NY from rareinsults

One day perhaps I will have a moment as perfect as these.

If you have, please share your magical insult with us in the comments!