When most of us think about getting a tattoo, we think about how it will appear to other people. It’s art, after all, and that’s meant to be viewed by a partner, friends, strangers on the street…right?

Well it turns out some people get tattoos just for themselves! And if they’re looking to put a tattoo somewhere a bit different – like, say, the roof of their mouth – Belgian tattoo artist Indy Voet is the king of the “secret tattoo.”

After you check out these 17 pictures of his work, chances are you just might want one of your own.

17. Eat sh%t.

I like the thought that a dentist would see this one.

16. Life and death.

What else is there?

15. I really love this one.

Such delicate work.

14. Definitely making the weirdness happen.

I’m here for it.

13. He does all of these by hand.

“Hand-poked.” Huh.

12. I am super impressed by these people’s teeth.

Mine would not look so nice.

11. This looks like it would be really hard to do.

The guy has a steady hand!

10. Something about this one is really nice.

I would like it…somewhere else.

9. I wonder if this gave him secret powers.

Besides being tough and cool I mean.

8. It’s a classic!

With a twist.

7. Oh that it’s just a second mouth.

Everything is fine.

6. This might be my favorite.

It’s so pretty.


5. Swooning over that lipstick.

I mean, the tat is cool, too.


4. The sun always rises.

A new day, for new things.

3. Well this is a 2020 mood.

For all of us.

2. So clever and so clean.

No one would have to know except you…and your dentist.

1. I like the tat but I can’t stop staring at her nose ring.

Sorry not sorry.


I can’t say I’m rushing out to get a mouth tat, but these designs and the work are amazing!

Do you have a secret tattoo? Tell us what and where…if you’re ready to share.