Costco is an absolute life saver for so many of us. But every time I think about the people working there, my mind immediately jumps to the scene in Idiocracy where an exhausted, dead-eyed greeter repeats his monotone mantra to each customer that enters; “Welcome to Costco. I love you.”

Obviously the real employees aren’t dumb like that but by some accounts, they might feel similarly worn down and disaffected. Check out these 14 anonymous insights from real Costco employees to get a glimpse into their world.

14. Short staffed

Hang in there, kid.

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13. Moderation

I’m always too timid to even ask for one.

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12. False advertising?

Do they deserve the good rep they’ve gotten?

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11. At what cost

Hope it goes well for you!

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10. People person

It’s gotta feel like managing a stampede sometimes.

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9. A steal

Nothing worse than feeling trapped in a job.

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8. Getting by

They might pay well compared to other American corporations but that isn’t saying much…

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7. Entitlement

“Do you KNOW who I AM? I’m a MEMBER!”

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6. Don’t dead – open inside

Ironic since a Costco would be my go-to fortress in case of a zombie outbreak.

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5. Times change

I’d like to know more about this story.

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4. The cart-tel

That’s a revenge fantasy film I’d buy a ticket to see.

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3. Beauty is everywhere

Ok just don’t get fired, dude.

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2. Sweet revenge

It’s the little things that make it all worthwhile.

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1. Wine whine

Can you at least wait until you’re out of the store?

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Next time you go to Costco, or any retail place, really, remember that the employees are working hard for probably too little money and a little kindness and courtesy on your end could go a long way to making their day better.

Have you worked retail? What was your experience?

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