Tweets are like chicken nuggets. They’re tiny, they’re tasty, they’re probably terrible for you, but left to your own devices it will only be a matter of minutes before you look down at a crumb-cluttered lap and say “Oh my GOD how many of those did I just consume?!”

To keep things under control, we’ve got a nice moderate portion of just 13 twitter bites to chew before you get back to the rest of your day. And they are ALL delicious.

13. Write up

My name is rap and I’m here to say / I’m mad at you in a major way

12. The little things

Speaking of delicious nuggets.

11. Hard of hearing

As an American English speaker this tweet is giving me a stroke.

10. Wonderful gifts

This is absurd, I’m not good at crossword puzzles at all.

9. Under cover

Years of prep and you blew it.

8. Curry on

When I worked at a pizza place I thought a guy named “Whiskey” was making a prank order.
It was his real name.

7. Shots shots shots shots shots

Still smarter than an anti-vaxxer.

6. Triple threat

This dude is the most dude that ever duded.

5. Quest time

“You don’t happen to like, have some Eagles that could do this for us, do you?”

4. Use your words

We are free from their bewitchment.

3. Turning heads

Yeah, you WISH you could look like this.

2. Therapy-ception

Where does it end?

1. Sike!

Cars are God’s way of keeping us all humble.

Mmm. Yummy AND filling. We hope you’ve enjoyed these bits of snack-able silliness. Come back soon for more!

What do you use Twitter for?

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