By now you’ve probably come across FaceApp or similar programs that are designed to manipulate facial features through AI. These things allow you to grab any photo and mess around with attributes like hairstyle, age, and more without having to possess any graphic design skills yourself. One popular use is to “gender swap,” i.e. transform masculine features into corresponding feminine features and vice versa. It’s the sort of transformation that really throws our brains for a loop, causing it to be endlessly fascinating.

This fascination probably accounts for the significant success of a Twitter thread by user @EyesLikeShak who created a long series of face swaps using celebrities. It kicks off like this:

From there it’s just an endless gallery of familiar faces in strikingly new context. Check out some of the highlights here!

15. Mariah Carey

All I want for Christmas is not this.

14. Nicki Minaj

Why so serious?

13. Beyonce

Girl would be a queen even if she were a king.

12. Britney Spears

I’m transported to the early 2000’s here.

11. Lady Gaga

Is that second photo just Joe Rogan?

10. Rihanna

I…need some time to process this one.

9. Adele

Looks like a movie star.

8. Ariana Grande

Go big or go grande.

7. Katy Perry

OK but the crazy thing is the second picture looks like Luke Perry.

6. Usher


5. Celine Dion

I feel like these two are gonna team up to try to sell me some expensive soap.

4. Shakira

Those lips don’t lie.

3. Taylor Swift

He looks so judgmental.

2. Harry Styles


1. Eminem

Eric and Erika, together at last.

Pretty interesting! Check out the rest of the thread if you want more, there’s lots going on there!

Which one was your favorite?

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