It’s not a fair world for women. We’ve come a long way, but there’s a huge distance to go. It’s not fair a woman can’t even walk down the street in the city without frequently wondering “Am I going to be attacked? Is tonight the night my life gets ruined? Or the night that it ends?”

It’s a harrowing ordeal that most of us guys just don’t have to think about too often, and when we are reminded of it, we’re truly taken aback. Like in this story from a man who goes by @WonderKing82 or “Black Professor” on Twitter. He shared a very introspective and rather shaken tale of the night a woman in danger literally attached herself to him out of the blue in a gamble to save her own life. The whole story is laid out in a Twitter thread below.

For context, he refers to a “debate” a few times. As he was walking he was watching a 2020 primary debate on this phone, which aired the night this story took place.

Chapter 1: A Tight Hug

Chapter 2: She Was Terrified

Chapter 3: I Can Only Imagine

Chapter 4: What Happened?

Chapter 5: I Had a Smile On My Face

Chapter 6: Thank You, Mister

Chapter 7: No “What If’s”

Chapter 8: I Will Do Better

There were many who chimed in to thank him.

It’s sad how pervasive this problem is.

As evidenced by the number of people who shared their own stories in the replies…

We cannot allow this to continue to be the norm.

It’s strange to read a story like this and feel such a potent combination of joy and relief and also grief and rage. Being one of the good folks to help counteract the bad is a huge start. But changing the norm is where the real battle lives.

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