Does this describe your situation right now? You’re staring into the mirror, you haven’t showered for days, you look AND FEEL like a crazy person, and you think you might have to run away from your family after this whole crisis is all over?

Hey, me too!

But we think we know how to make you feel better, at least for a little while.

MEMES! FUNNY MEMES! You know you want them. You know you need them.

So let’s cure those cabin fever blues for a little while! We’ll do it together!

1. Ladies…what do you say about this?

It’s like living in a dream…

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2. The Universe has other plans, apparently.

Give us a break, huh?

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3. Have a drink on me!

They look like great company.

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4. It’s like The Purge.

Are you here to buy something or to rob the store?

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5. Totally “normal” things.

Remember the good old days?

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6. Then it’s on to high school!

At the age of 25…

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7. I’ve been…drinking…

Hey, at least you’re excelling at something.

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8. I’d like to apologize to all of you out there…

It’s hard coming to this realization.

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9. Yeah. What’s the point?

I guess you can drive around in circles all day…

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10. I don’t wanna hear it!

None of your bullsh^t!

11. You didn’t have my back then…

Singing a different tune…

12. You’re doing YOU today.

I’d call this a “mental health day.”^tcrazy/status/1238941815979548672

13. All hope is lost.

There’s no use trying to impress anyone right now.

Hey, hang in there! We’ll get through this nightmare and when we’re on the other side of it, we can all have a HUGE party with our friends!

How are you dealing with your cabin fever?

Tell us about it in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!