It’s pretty rare that anybody works at any kind of retail/big box store as, like, a “career choice.” These are more of what most of us would call a “survival job,” the kind of gig you take because it pays money and you can make it work. But just because these jobs are referred to rather casually doesn’t mean they’re easy, or smooth sailing.

A bunch of real Costco employees made anonymous posts on the site Whisper about what it’s like to work at the industry giant. Here’s what they had to say.

13. Chronicles of ridiculous

I’m sure you’re right.

Source: Whisper

12. The three laws

Just be considerate, yo.

Source: Whisper

11. Great expectations

Never a fun thing to hear this.

Source: Whisper

10. Membership privileges

Everyone who has ever worked retail anywhere sympathizes, friend.

Source: Whisper

9. Peer to peer

I’m curious to know what age exactly they’re talking about.

Source: Whisper

8. Cardio

Hey, I guess that makes sense! Good for you!

Source: Whisper

7. Parental guidance

This is a no-brainer. Apparently, so are they.

Source: Whisper

6. Dignity, always dignity

You don’t have the right to be rude to anybody.

Source: Whisper

5. Boxing day

This sounds infuriating and I haven’t even had to deal with it.

Source: Whisper

4. Gratitude

Good for you, friend. Here’s hoping your job prospects only get better.

Source: Whisper

3. Big boys

I’m noticing a common theme here…

Source: Whisper

2. You think this is a game?

The joke is new to you, it’s not new to them.

Source: Whisper

1. “Rough but fun”

A fairly positive note to end on.

Source: Whisper

If you’re working a tough job right now, here’s to you, and here’s hoping you’re feeling alright about it. If not, here’s hoping you find your way out soon. Life’s too short!

Have you ever worked retail? What was your experience?

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