If you remember the ’90s, you definitely remember the TV shows.

And I know you had to watch at least ONE of these sitcoms. Otherwise, you don’t like pop culture. And if you don’t like pop culture… what are you doing on this site?!?

Enjoy these 13 trips back in time to the last shot of the last episode of iconic sitcoms!

13. Frasier: “Goodnight Seattle”

Photo Credit: NBC

When it came to high brow comedy, Frasier was THE show in the ’90s. The final shot shows us Frasier Crane’s plane landing in Chicago… instead of San Fran, which is where he said he’d be moving to.

12. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: “I, Done”

Photo Credit: NBC

Will stands in the living room by himself and then walks out… and we spend a little time in an empty Banks’ living room.

11. Friends: “The Last One, Part 2”

Photo Credit: NBC

We see the iconic frame on the door right after the group leaves their apartments for the last time.

10. Family Matters: “Lost In Space”

Photo Credit: ABC

Remember Steve and Laura sharing one last kiss? Yeah you do!

9. Boy Meets World: “Brave New World Pt. 2”

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Television

It was short and simple: Mr. Feeny’s empty classroom after dismissing his favorite students for the last time. **sniff**

8. 3rd Rock from the Sun: “The Thing That Wouldn’t Die”

Photo Credit: NBC

The show ends with the cast ascending back into space. Their Rambler sits empty.

7. Home Improvement: “The Long and Winding Road (Part 3)”

Photo Credit: ABC / Wind Dancer Productions

This was THE family sitcom on the 90s, and it ended with a shot of the Taylor family taking a tugboat on its way to Indiana.

6. Full House: “Michelle Rides Again Part 2”

Photo Credit: ABC

The show ended as it began… with the full cast of Full House having a moment in their iconic San Francisco living room.

5. The Nanny: “The Finale Part 2”

Photo Credit: CBS

Fran shuts the door to her old home one last time, right after finding her grandmother hiding in a closet.

4. Step by Step: “Movin’ On Up”

Photo Credit: CBS

Frank and Carol hug. And then laugh. Awwwww!

3. Martin: “California Here We Come Part 2”

Photo Credit: FOX

Martin leaves his boxed-up apartment. He’s going to California and nothing will stop him!

2. Blossom: “Goodbye”

Photo Credit: NBC

One more video diary from Blossom and then she shuts off the camera.

1. Ellen: “Vows”

Photo Credit: ABC

Laurie and Ellen kiss with faces full of cake!

True love wins!