Can you relate? I can relate. I can relate to all kinds of stuff. Especially the all kinds of stuff I see on the internet. Because we can all relate to a meme or two, which is why we share them with other people – some of whom we’re related to – so that they to can relate, and thus the relatable cycle goes on. It’s a beautiful thing and should be the subject of a nature documentary.

In the meantime, enjoy these 13 highly relatable memes that are guaranteed to make you feel seen.

13. Password problems

This is absolutely beyond science.

12. Roll over minutes

No longer am I confined by the blasted cable!

11. Sleep of the dead

Life isn’t worth living if I have to be awake for it.

10. The slumber shuffle

If I don’t acknowledge that I’m up, maybe my body won’t notice.

9. In my feelings

Great art needs to be properly appreciated.

8. Aquaman returns

I just KNOW they’d talk to me if only they weren’t in all that water.

7. Step in time

The human brain is defective and needs to be recalled.

6. The button journey

Must touch, mustn’t press.

5. Alarm clock roulette

I don’t always get my lucky numbers.

4. The heat is on

Cool down? And let the monsters get me? No thanks.

3. Secret knowledge

Well now we’re both awful.

2. Fugue state

I must have eaten at some point, right?

1. Thug life

Gotta roll into the cubicle feeling bad-ass.

Tag yourself. I’m all of them. Oh, I guess you can’t tag pictures on this site.

In that case, just tell us which one is the most “you.”

Put it in the comments.