When you’re a kid, or even a lucky person in their early twenties, you never really think about what will happen when your metabolism finally betrays you. So, you don’t develop great exercise habits and you eat whatever you want, and then…it all comes crashing down on you in an ugly moment sometime in your 30s.

You can’t stay the weight you want by doing nothing, and you certainly can’t eat pizza and cheeseburgers every night of your life.

If you are raising your hand and saying AMEN! right now, well, you’re going to feel these 13 memes all the way down to your soul.

13. How did it know?!

12. That’s gonna be a no from me.

11. Notice which one is slightly larger and will obviously win.

10. Is that not how this works?

9. This raccoon is my patronus.

8. There’s no way to escape, might as well give up.

7. I think they program them that way? It’s probably a conspiracy.

6. Have you tasted funnel cake, though?

5. What am I paying you for, anyway?

4. Because it’s definitely big and scary.

3. Pasta should always be a whole experience.

2. How could you do that to tacos?

1. Every one of you knows this is true.

Diet, schmiet! I say suck it up and burn some calories, because food is just way too yummy to turn down!

What’s your big hangup when it comes to changing lifestyles?

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