I live in Chicago, where the winters are notoriously brutal. But Spring – oh that beautiful Spring.

I’ve been feeling it start to finally creep in over the last few days and I’m so excited I shout my joy across Lake Michigan. Though, probably for not very long, because the wind coming off that thing is still a beast.

Spring has almost Sprung. Hibernations are ending. Realizations about our body shapes are dawning on us.

As we head into 2020’s next chapter, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this changing of the season.

15. CON: It’s very coy

14. PRO: It’s close by

13. CON: These bastards

12. PRO: It makes us temperature optimists

11. PRO: Lionel Richie

10: CON: Fewer clothing layers

9. PRO: Vitamin D

8. PRO: It’s a welcome change

7. PRO: It makes us more adorable

6. PRO: Outside is habitable again

5. PRO: It reminds us of what we’ve lost

4. CON: It never seems to get here

3. CON: It is an elusive lover


1. PRO: We get to be fabulous

After carefully considering the advantageous and disadvantages, I’m ready to declare Spring officially sanctioned. By me. Let it arrive!

I can’t wait to emerge from my apartment, blink steadily at the sunlight, and then immediately jump on a yacht that I definitely have.

What are YOU looking forward to this Spring?

Tell us about it in the comments.