Remember that old sitcom Living Single? It was pretty funny. Imagine my disappointment upon discovering that actually being single as an actual adult wasn’t nearly as hilarious or exciting. That is, unless you view it through the lens of memes. So that’s what we’re going to do today!

Here are 10 memes about being single that will make uncoupled folks oof the biggest oof.

13. Don’t play

Love is mostly a spectator sport to me.

12. Plant yourself

Every time I pour water on a KID’S head they get all mad about it.

11. Drastic inflation

Nothing to see here, keep scrolling.

10. Butter butt

I think your dog is broken.

9. Visions of beauty

Why do my friends always need me to clarify this?

8. Memeception

Hey look.
It’s you.
This is literally you right now.

7. Consistently inconsistent

Oh so you had this at some point? Braggy.

6. Wine about it

We were so stupid back then.

5. Security blanket

Can’t get betrayed if you’re always alone.

4. Boom

This new year is gonna suck anyway.

3. Wild rides

Buckle in, here we go again.

2. The toes knows

Ma’am this is a classy establishment.

1. Left on read

Ross knew the pain years ago.

Being single isn’t like it is on TV. There are a lot more boring nights and Cheez-Its in reality. But Cheez-Its are the bomb, so, maybe it’s not all bad.

Are you single? Do you hate it? Do you love it?

Share your opinion in the comments.