2020 was the year we all suddenly found ourselves at home a lot more and in need of something new to focus on. Some of us took up puzzles. Others finally got around to some painting or remodeling work. Personally, I got into gaming for the first time. But some of ya’ll out there just lost your entire minds and decided to dedicate your life to plants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. We all gotta do what we gotta do in order to stay sane. But we can still laugh about it a little! To help in that endeavor, here are 15 memes about those feels that overtake you when plant is life.

13. Plant your foot down

Guess this is goodbye, then.

12. The reveal

Gotta exchange that green for green.

11. Swallowed up

Just literally move to the jungle at that point.

10. So hot right now

The tests don’t lie.

9. Counting on it

I’m sure you’ll hit it eventually.

8. Simple instructions

He’s got glasses on and everything.

7. Picky eaters

These leaves are such divas.

6. Minor intrusions

You damn Millennials and your (thumbs through note cards) PLANTS.

5. Affirmations

A plant wrote this.

4. Just you watch

Thrill as it progresses at an imperceptible rate!

3. Yes we plant

Who’s gonna stop me? You?

2. Love at first site

He see’d the seed.

1. Absolutely fabulous

Guess who’s back? Back again?

Honestly, there are a lot worst hobbies to get obsessed with than watering some leafy bois. More power to ya, plant people!

Is this you?

Tell us about your weird plant children in the comments.