There’s a lot of hype around “secret menus” at chain restaurants; but what does that really mean? Is there one menu they have on display and a second menu hidden behind the counter, its contents made available only to a secret elite?


Secret menu items are really just suggestions of how to modify existing items in a novel and potentially delicious way. (I used to work at a well-known pizza chain and we came up with ’em all the time.)

The folks over at have come with a great Starbucks “secret” you can enjoy this summer called the Firecracker!

This fruity, tropical, caffeinated treat tastes even better than it looks! Here’s how to order this specific recipe:

1. The base order

This drink is a modification of an existing menu item called the Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher.

Order yourself a Venti with no inclusions (this means they’ll leave out the dragonfruit pieces.)

2. Ice

Make sure you’ve got that ice in there!

Photo Credit: Pexels

3. Raspberry syrup

Ask them to add one pump of raspberry syrup.

Photo Credit: iStock

4. Spill the tea

After adding the syrup and shaking the drink, ask them to pour Passion Tea over the ice (doing things in this order will ensure the cool visual ombre effect – but it will taste good regardless of order.)

Photo Credit: Pexels

5. Enjoy!

Now you’ve got an explosively cool drink to keep your temperature down and your spirits up on thes warm summer days!

You can check out for more cool secret menu recipes.

Do you have a favorite “secret menu” item somewhere?

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