Do you wanna have a good laugh?

A chuckle?




Would you like to guffaw?


Cackle? *turns page on thesaurus* Um…sniggle?

Wait, is that really a word? Oh my God it is. And it means…”to fish for eels by thrusting a baited hook into their lurking places.” Welp.

Anyway, here are thirteen memes that will make you sniggle, somehow.

13. Self-reflection

Fine, no need to wine about it.

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12. b i t e

Look at that smug little donkey accomplice. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

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11. Keep the quiet parts quiet

You gotta take the little victories where you can.

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10. Long term planning

I should probably spend it at Taco Bell since I’m pretty stressed about the whole job thing.

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9. Throwing shade

What do you get for the man who has everything?

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8. A hole in the logic

I love that they refer to it as “a bag of salad.” Do you mean lettuce, my guy?

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7. The truth comes out

My sober heart is borderline obsessed with pizza rolls, apparently.

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6. Happy like a fox

Lookin foxy, my friend. Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

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5. Truth through art

I see that you’re…going through some things right now. Carry on.

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4. Siesta time

There just aren’t enough hour in the day.

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3. Remember me

The world out there is cruel…only you truly understand.

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2. Cat cameo

This is entirely too cute and I refuse to cry about it, you can’t make me.

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1. The plane facts

On two wings and a prayer.

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I hope that this collection has given you a lot to laugh about, and maybe even cry a little…stupid cat meme…making me feel things.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.