Parenting is no joke, and once your kids start talking, you probably hear the word “mom” more times a day than you care to count.

If you’re like me, you may not even be able to count that high in your sleep-deprived state.

Which is all to say, you could probably use a laugh. So please, enjoy these 13 amazing memes.

13. It’s also one of the main reasons you’re still alive.

12. I mean what more can you do, really?

11. After your second kid you just don’t even care any more. Embrace it.

10. You’re not slipping a green piece of lint by this kid.

9. This, except “we don’t paint the walls with anything dear Lord where do you keep finding those pens?”

8. Go ahead and blame it on the imaginary stylist.

7. It’s never quite like you imagined it to be, is it?

6. Living this life right this second.

5. I don’t really want to see the word “fluids” anywhere near my sleeping surface.

4. I feel personally attacked by this content.

3. I don’t think this is likely to work more than once, so enjoy it.

2. They’ll totally leave you alone until the moment you want to do something in private.

1. It’s not your problem once you’re out of the driveway.

I know I needed that – hope it did the trick for you, too!

How do you cope with those rough parenting days? Let us know in the comments!