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The 90’s were really quite a decade for technological advancements and breakthroughs. It was the era when we launched the Hubble Space Telescope and when the World Wide Web became truly world-wide thanks to more affordable home computers and dial-up ISP’s. But maybe most importantly of all, it was when VCR’s reigned supreme – allowing us all to obsessively re-watch movies and tape our favorite shows, cementing pop culture in our brains in a way that was perhaps more thorough than what was available to any previous generation.

These days, anything and everything can be called up on a whim, but the impressions left by those 90’s influences still feel as big as they ever have. Come with us on a trip down memory lane with these 13 tributes to 90’s nostalgia.

13. Mama always said

“I just felt like runnin’.” – dads

12. Instant waiting

I met the lead singer of my favorite band and double exposed the pictures, I’m still mad about it.

11. Another era

Now we’re remembering things from another era that were about things from a previous era. This is going too far.

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10. Genie in a bottle

This song is old enough to drink now.

9. Reject

That quarter is GONE, son.

8. Busted

Back when DVD’s were still crazy future tech.

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7. Tangled

That slinky has slinked its last slunk.

6. Having a ball

These were more frustrating than fun. There, I said it.

5. Disk to the rescue!

Most floppy disks held less than 2mb. Theoretically, they could store about 5 seconds of a modern Netflix stream.

4. Rub it down

He’s more eraser now than pencil.

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3. The terror

I straight up couldn’t watch this show. 2spoopy4me.

2. Home alone

Mack was ready for this.

1. Thanks for the memory

That’s almost 30 seconds of modern video. Huge step up.

If I could go back, I wouldn’t because honestly streaming and GPS and all that are just too good to live without. But it sure is fun to remember…

What other types of things would you add to this list?

Let us know in the comments.