We got the memes: the memes of your dreams. That is, assuming your dreams are like, super achievable visions of smirking at pretty funny pictures with words on ’em. In which case, you might want to aim a little higher, but like, nevertheless – we’ve got what you crave!

Enjoy your sense of accomplishment while you pursue this treasure trove of some of the finest memes of the day!

13. Truck yeah

Is this the new Amazon drone program?

12. Secret punchline

Hahahaha! Oh man! Get it? Brilliant. Best joke I’ve ever heard.

11. Unconscious solutions

Oh man, wait till I tell you about bad dreams.

10. The joy of eating

Every little pizza slice needs a friend.

9. Let’s get it started in here

It’s 2020, time is meaningless anyway.

8. Cloves and dwarves

It’s a royal recipe.

7. Drunken turducken

The guac is EXTREMELY extra.

6. A knowing eye

I don’t know what these two have planned but I’d like to stay far away from it.

5. Jeans and things

Look man, whatever works.

4. Mat-tastic

Why pursue your dream of dancing when you can literally dream about being a dancer?

3. Weird flex but OK

That’s a lot of damage!

2. Relatively speaking

They’d take a very small bullet for him.

1. Spectator sports

I’m not nosy, I’m actively involved in my community.

I think we all now feel more accomplished than we did before we started on this meme adventure. You’re welcome.

Where do you go to get the best memes?

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