I’m an American, which means I don’t know my history or civics so very good, but I feel like I remember something about how George Hamilton rapped about freedom of expression and our right to never have the dankness of our memes restricted by Obama, maybe. I think that’s very important, because expressing myself through memes is kind of all I know how to do.

Here are 13 ladies who used THEIR freedom to make the memes that express their experience. It’s a beautiful thing.

13. A real page turner

Consistently inconsistent.

12. Potato peel

I’m calling the police.

11. Oh, deer

Buck up, friend.

10. She bangs, she bangs

Pre and post malone.

9. Deal with it

Nailed it.

8. It’s good to be bad


7. You got buns, hun

How dare you throw shade at Lin in this way.

6. Sweat lodge

If this is true I’m basically a self-care guru.

5. Jarring experiences

That face when you about to hit the fainting couch.

4. Pony up

Don’t get it twisted.

3. It’s lit

Theme parks be like “we are experiencing delays.”

2. Into the fold

Being happy for others is the first step to being happy for ourselves.

1. Planting a seed


Memes are the way we should all communicate all the time. At the very least, it would make the next Presidential debate a lot more interesting.

What’s the most important thing YOU’VE ever expressed with a meme?

Tell us of your patriotic duties in the comments.