If you’re a woman, these memes might just make your dreams come true.

That is, if your dreams happened to be seeing a handful of memes that you thought were generally pretty relatable and funny.

In which case, you might need to dream bigger, but maybe not yet. Maybe for the moment just enjoy these like you know you want to, and let us clear that very low dream bar for you.

13. You got it bad

It’s the start of the sequins sequence.

12. In the hood

I shake my tiny fist at you in protest.

11. Marketing gimmicks

Meanwhile men’s products just say, like, “this is for your head.”

10. It’s showtime

Gonna hit up that patreon and seek out 101 donations.

9. The hang

It’s the best of both worlds and the best of neither.

8. Prince charming

Honestly dude, how high must you have been that night?

7. First impressions

They’re important. They’re also usually wrong.

6. Night and day

Now get yourself to church and start confessin’.

5. Wearing me down

Meanwhile I’m in sweats feeling like I should probably just go home forever.

4. Stay on target

They know they have this power over you and they will never stop exploiting it.

3. Total confusion

Huh? What?

2. Opposites attract

Well then why do you keep asking me, SANDRA?

1. Zooming in

Looking pretty foxy.

Are your dreams fulfilled now? Because mine are.

Which meme was the most relatable?

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