If you break down the word “meme,” you will notice that it is just the word “me,” twice. This is because *I* personally have now so thoroughly integrated memes into my identity, that they are twice as much “me” as even I am. I am memes. Memes are me. We are one.

And if you clicked on this link, you are probably made mostly of memes as well. This is good. This is healthy. Join me, my friend, as we bring unto ourselves 13 more fresh memes from this awesome list.

13. Simple commands

Don’t, or do not, there is no try.

12. Lookin’ Gouda

This is the sandwich I crave.

11. Fall from grace

When the pick up line brings ya down.

10. What did I miss?

Don’t worry about where I’ve been, just pass the butter.

9. The real Slim Shady

Symptoms may include premature sweater vomit.

8. Table the issue

You ain’t cute less you into booths.

7. The night shift

Tag yourself, I’m all the skeletons.

6. Chonk

That’s my soulmate right there.

5. Pride and joy

This will be a formative experience.

4. No trash

Why does this thing look like a raccoon who forgot to build his nose?

3. Rfeidsn

It hasn’t been ANYONE’S day/week/month/year.

2. Inter-species love

Wait THESE are the parents of that rainbow guy from a couple memes ago! It’s all coming together now.

1. Begging and choosing

Yeah this is definitely my problem too…for sure…

That’s the good stuff right there. After ingesting these memes, I feel recharged. I feel whole. I feel I am complete.
And I certainly hope they’ve done the same for you. Namaste.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Enlighten us in the comments.