If you’re in need of a break, cool your heels here for a while. No hard-hitting journalism, no big think pieces, no tough-to-swallow news, no fights, no fears. Just some funny tweets people have put out into the world recently because they know that we need them now more than ever.

So take a breather and recharge your mental batteries with these wonderful internet tidbits before diving back into that wider, crazier world.

10. Snooze control

As a chronic insomniac, how dare you.

9. Timeline conundrums

Any 20-something calling themselves old should be shot out of a cannon, the rest of us don’t need that kind of disrespect.


8. Fire WORKS

But if we don’t do all the booms, how will we know if we still have a freedom?

7. Beer goggles

You can have it when you pry it out of my cold, white claws.

6. I am inevitable

The hero we didn’t know we needed.

5. Reformed Karen

When Karens use their powers for good.

4. Problem-solving

This is a very high-minded approach.

3. Don’t be chicken

Get pecked to heck.


2. The start of it all

Usually I’d call this spurious reasoning but she may have a point.

1. Oh, please

When the dad joke is so strong it carries over to a kid that’s not even yours.

Hope you enjoyed that little diversion down Twitter lane. Remember to take these breaks from time to time. Fighting the good fight is important, but so it not letting your stress turn you into a big pile of brain goo.

Who are the best people to find on Twitter when you need a laugh?

Tell us in the comments.