I spend a crazy amount of time looking at memes. And honestly, my very favorite are the ones that can’t be easily categorized. The kind that make you sort of snort-laugh while marveling and mourning the fact that this is your generation’s greatest contribution to the world of art and culture.

I don’t know what to call a lot of these, so I’m trying out new meme-genre names for the ineffable internets I come across. What do you think of these labels?

13. The Lighthearted Apocalypse Meme

12. The Optimistic Nihilist Meme

11. The Disaster Celebration Meme

10. The Absurdist Lifehack Meme

9. The Passion Overload Meme

8. The Silly Dread Meme

7. The Fighter Meme

6. The Self-Burn Dad-Joke Extravaganza Meme

5. The Wholesome Meta-Meme

4. The Self-Aware Meme

3. The Snobby Peasant Meme

2. The Absurdist Activist Meme

1. The Meme That Will Get Me in Trouble Meme

Ok, some of those aren’t great. Further research is required. I’d better order some pizza and browse more memes. Academia is counting on me.

What’s your favorite meme sub-genre?

Tell us in the comments.