Every week there emerge contenders for best of the best in the Twitter-verse. No one is actually competing, mind you, and there’s no finish line or actual prize – other than the virtual pat on the back you’ll give yourself – but that doesn’t stop people from secretly crafting their best funnies in the hopes that you’ll notice.

Here are 13 you’re not going to want to miss!

13. The Hunger Games 2.0.


12. This is legitimately horrifying.


11. That is one pensive cow.

10. Some guy thought he didn’t need the step-by-step.

9. It never takes very long.


8. They just needed Hollywood to step in and tell the real story.

7. Our apologies.

6. Oh my goodness that story took a hard left.

5. Culture is important for everyone.


4. There is nothing right about this.

3. Cannot stop laughing.


2. That’s the secret code dontcha know.

1. Yes I’m pretty sure that’s right.


I love these lists because everyone needs a laugh now and then, and who has time to be on Twitter all day every day so as not to miss anything?

Other than me, obviously. Oops!