Technology is amazing. It can help connect us, heal us, entertain us, and enrich us. Also you can use text messages to break up with people, which is probably exactly what Alexander Graham Bell envisioned when he started working on the whole telephone thing.

Enter @weneedtobreakup – an Instagram account dedicated to gathering hilarious relationship texts, including a bunch that, as the name implies, seem to preceded a breakup.

From the brutal to the cute to the confusing, here are some examples of exactly how you can gain an ex via SMS.

13. Pls don’t be offended

At least they’re being honest.

12. A new boyfriend

Dude. Yikes.

11. K bye

Are you the sentimental type or not?

10. p*op talk or dying?

I’d cancel those dinner reservations, bro.

9. Pizza for 1

Eat your feelings.

8. You’re decision

No it’s YOUR* decision and now I see why they dumped you.

7. You can pretend though

I don’t think there’s a word for this kind of relationship.

6. What?

I’m gonna need to see this in context, please.

5. Seriously tho

If you have to ask, you probably know.

4. It’s a nice day

Maybe it’s because of your listening skills.

3. My birthday present

Gee, thanks?

2. April fools

It’s bad either way.

1. K bye

Shakespeare himself could not have penned a more elegant tragedy.

Hopefully we’re all treating our breakups with a little bit more dignity than this. At the very least show them the respect of sending them the bad news over Snapchat. It’s called class.

What’s the weirdest breakup you’ve ever had?

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