There are people who are funny because they’re trying to be, and some people are just so cute and naive that they’re funny without trying.

I don’t know about you, but I love people whose cluelessness leads to rare gems.

Because, if not for these folks… what would you have to read today and laugh at?


11. Sweetheart.

That’s not how it works, darling.

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10. I mean… is that wrong?


9. Sooooo many dogs.

I mean… how many dogs do you have?

8. Yeah, exactly like a cashew.

Haha… that’s nutty.

7. Truly.

The king has arrived… and he’s a prince daddy. Right?

6. Oh, man.

I love this guy. With all my heart.

5. I have never seen anything more innocent.

Or more wholesome or more pure. Unless they were joking. Which they probably were.

4. I’m dying.

They have the kind of eyes that change position the more you move around.

3. He called the other person an idiot.

I’m guessing Anthony has never had a frisky encounter?

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2. Oh, he’s her Daddy alright…

And he’s been a bad, bad, bad boy.

1. Not at all!

I mean, I’ve got 20 fingers if you count all my toes!

Bless their foolish, naive hearts. And can you blame us for sharing these amazing examples of cluelessness?

Ever have a situation where you encountered somebody who was just not clued into what was actually being said? Ever been that person?

Share those stories with us in the comments! We’d love to hear them!

Thanks, fam!