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Have you ever been doing a normal, human thing when a thought crossed your mind that made you go… what on earth is wrong with me??

If so, you just might find that moment on the list below – and discover that you’re not as odd as you think!

13. I run.

12. Shower shoes are your friend.

11. A ghost is the only answer.

10. Obviously you don’t want to get murdered.

9. A sad comment on our reality.

8. Stage fright!

7. I mean, we don’t. But…

6. I blame every RL Stine book I read as a kid.

5. Maybe, but it’s best to be safe.

4. When it comes to insomnia, pull out all of the tricks.

3. Otherwise you’ll have to get seconds. Yep.

2. This is just kind of adorable.

1. I wonder why I stopped doing this.

Okay, so maybe we’re all strange, but at least we’re together!