When someone asks you to do something, or a task falls into your lap, you have a few choices. Do it, don’t do it – and if you do it, you can do it well, or you can do it well enough.

These 13 people definitely decided they were in the mood to do things well enough, and even though the people in their lives might not appreciate the results, I mean. They’re technically done.

13. Thank you?

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12. At least she’s smiling and not stabbing you.

My wife asked for a Coach bag for her birthday. Let’s just say she’s pretty happy today. from funny

11. This is taking not wanting to wash dishes to a whole new level.

I may have crossed the line between "lifehack" and "lazy"… from pics

10. E tu, Google?

Ok google (this is real) from Jazz

9. I’m not sure that’s what they had in mind.

Kfc told me to… from FirstWorldConformists

8. Siri’s got jokes.

Siri Conforms from FirstWorldConformists

7. There’s a way around everything, if you’re lazy enough.

6. People think they’re so cute.

My wife asked me to put the dinner in the oven at 120 degrees…..took some doing, but managed it.

5. My toddler would do this and claim to be “in bed.”

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4. Well, you asked.

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3. Instructions were followed.

80-100 Words from MaliciousCompliance

2. What a deal.

This peanut sale: from MaliciousCompliance

1. Why aren’t they girls?

I Named him… from technicallythetruth

I am laughing at these levels of laziness!

What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done? Does it compare?

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